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Molly Farrell


"There is no other emotionally demanding, challenging, and overwhelming period of development than adolescence. Adolescents are a unique population who deserve specialized therapeutic care that offers support while they begin to explore the trials and tribulations of life. Adolescence includes the excitement of independence and self-discovery but also the weight of peer conflicts, romantic relationships, parental separation, family conflict, low self-esteem, academic demands, grief, anxiety, trauma, depression, and social isolation, among other challenges. It is my privilege and honor to provide care for adolescents. By utilizing my therapeutic traits such as empathy, advocacy, and compassion adolescents become empowered and feel recognized and validated. I actively emphasize autonomy, emotion regulation skills, coping skill development, communication skills advancement, establishing boundaries, and other skills as part of the therapeutic process. Therapeutic support for adolescents is further supplemented with family systems work by focusing on strengthening relationships, improving communication patterns, and processing generational traumas with caregivers." Molly Farrell earned a master's in clinical mental health counseling from The College of Saint Rose in 2020.