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Nicole Edwards & Diane Webb have created a professional work environment for their staff that is unparalleled in its commitment to employee wellbeing. 

With Grace Mental Health Counseling PLLC is a group practice with locations in Clifton Park, Saratoga Springs, and Queensbury, NY. Determined to steward the well-being of our practitioners in a field that's all too susceptible to burnout, we have created a serene, uplifting environment to meet the needs of our therapists and clients alike.

As With Grace Mental Health Counseling continues to grow and meet client demand, we are seeking passionate therapists who share in our commitment to empowering one another to join our team. 

Diane Webb

-Co-Founder and Co-Director

"We are a unique practice that wants the therapists on our team to experience a healthy work-life balance, an emotionally healthy work environment, and financial abundance. Our commitment to this mission is illustrated in every aspect of our practice from our therapist's ability to make their own schedule to the snacks we keep on hand in the break room. We routinely self-reflect and evaluate the work environment we are co-creating to make sure our practice and work family are a source of inspiration."

Nicole Edwards

-Co-Founder and Co-Director

“Our organization strategically integrates cutting-edge technology and robust support mechanisms to empower our therapists in establishing autonomous schedules, seamless collaboration, efficient caseload development, and maintaining a harmonious work/life equilibrium. We are committed to a comprehensive investment in our team, firmly believing that this commitment translates into superior care for our clients.

Our system is designed to provide limitless financial and professional growth opportunities, allowing therapists to pursue their passions, engage with their preferred clientele, and exercise control over their income. Recognizing that the emotional and spiritual well-being of our therapists significantly influences their professional performance, we prioritize a work environment that fosters fulfillment. We even manage to have some fun along the way.“

  • "Diane and Nicole provide immense support, care, and guidance to each and every therapist. With Diane and Nicole's mentorship, I have developed integral therapeutic skills that allow me to guide clients through their healing journey."
  • "This is truly the most supportive and peaceful work environment filled with people who love showing up for their clients."
  • “I joke with my friends that working at With Grace is like working for Google. I have never felt so valued professionally or been fed better. Nicole and Diane Love the work they do, they see clients, work family systems with us and certainly practice what they preach. Creativity and ideas are not only encouraged but this company will assist you in bringing them to life. When I first started I was waiting for “a catch”, there isn't one. You get all the benefits of a w-2 employee with the control of creating your own caseload, schedule and who you see all while designing your own salary. I never thought I would make six figures in this field, and here I am, working under 40 hours a week. Many companies say they want you to put your family first, here they pay you for your sick time, encourage you to take it and will check on you and see how they can support you while going through a tough time. This allows me to take care of myself so I can show up for my clients whole heartedly”
  • "This is the most supportive environment I have ever worked in. Everyone here wants to be the best they can be for their clients while ensuring they take care of themselves personally. I cannot speak highly enough of the warm and relaxed environment here."

    What are some of the benefits to working at With Grace MHC?

    • Autonomy and independence with scheduling and treatment of clients
    • Experience in a unique private practice setting
    • New offices designed by an interior designer that are customized to the therapist's needs
    • Unlimited earning potential, generous compensation and bonus opportunities
    • Experience with highly trained clinicians
    • Training opportunities for those who are working on a limited permit
    • Virtual and in-person work options available
    • Large capacity to hire with an overwhelming influx of patient inquiries 
    • Beautiful break room fully stocked with snacks and drinks
    • Family comes first and mental health matters to us at With Grace MHC
    • All medical billing will be executed for clinicians, no need to communicate with insurance companies
    • Highly supportive environment and sense of community with other therapists also looking for increased quality of work/life balance while working in a challenging field.
    • Full-Time/Part-Time/Make your own hours
    Show Job Description

    Therapists will practice counseling and psychotherapy to treat individuals experiencing emotional obstacles, relationship issues, and other behavioral challenges. They will take a systematic perspective when addressing mental health and relationships while also considering ethical, developmental, and preventative issues involved in the treatment process. At With Grace Mental Health Counseling, we hold ourselves to the highest professional standards; this means that not only do we expect our practitioners to consider the short and long-term well-being of clients, but we expect them to be cognisant and supportive of colleagues as well. Therapists must be adept at working with individuals, couples, families, and groups. All therapists must be able to work effectively from multiple evidence-based theoretical orientations to meet the evolving needs of clients. 

    We gravitate towards practitioners who are motivated to follow their passions and provide therapy within their scope of interest, and encourage practitioners to develop therapy groups. We welcome therapists who are interested in Christian counseling, although it is not a requirement. 

    Show Job Requirements

    Therapists who thrive at With Grace Mental Health Counseling are:

    - Independently licensed in NYS to provide counseling and/or psychotherapy OR eligibility to practice with a provisional license

    - Experienced in the field and have been providing counseling services for at least two years

    - Knowledge of necessary paperwork in private practice (or willing to learn) and can maintain documentation in a timely and effective manner

    - Capable of maintaining appropriate boundaries with clients and making sound ethical determinations

    - Self-motivated and in possession of expert organizational skills 

    - Able to navigate the technological needs of the practice, such as the Electronic Health Record

    - Flexible with their schedules to meet the caseloads, which could include working at least one evening a week 

    - Team players who contribute to the creation of a supportive, nurturing environment for all who practice at With Grace Mental Health Counseling